CBN Bandsaw Blade Re-sharpening Wheels

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About Us

Rix-saws is a manufacturer of CBN grinding wheels suitable for use on various machines for re-grinding or re-sharpening different profile band saw blades for the timber industry.

We are pioneers in our field as we have been designing and manufacturing superior CBN coated wheels for the last 20 years!

Contact us if you require custom made CBN wheels for your machine .

Please note that we are not an agent for any company and manufacture wheels in house “to fit” various machines for different blade profiles.
CBN Grinding Wheels
Our Product Line Includes

A wide range of CBN wheels for re-sharpening bandsaw blades for the timber processing industry.

All our grinding wheels are electroplated with high quality CBN chosen specifically for your application. The CBN wheels can be shipped worldwide at competitive prices.

Either select a CBN wheel from a wide range of profiles we already have in stock, or send us a drawing or a 6” section of blade for an exact profile match of the wheel you would like us to produce for you.


Applications And Industries

Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN or C-BN) is widely used as an abrasive. Its usefulness arises from its insolubility in Iron, Nickel, and related Alloys at high temperatures, where as Diamond is Soluble in these Metals to give Carbides. CBN abrasives are therefore used for machining steel, where as Diamond abrasives are preferred for Aluminum Alloys, Ceramics and Stone.
Cubic Boron Nitride

The Cubic (Sphalerite Structure) variety analogous to diamond is called C-BN. Its hardness is inferior only to diamond, but its thermal and chemical stability is superior. Commercial products are known under names "Borazon" (by diamond innovations), and "Elbor" or "Cubonite"(by Russian Vendors).